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Stress & Strain

Assumptions and Limitations

Understanding tensile and compressive forces is a must for determining how structural members will behave in different loading scenarios. StructX has provided the basic tools to point you in the right direction

  • Tensile Stress is caused by forces trying to stretch or lengthen the material.
  • Compressive Stress is caused by forces trying to compress or shorten the material.
  • Forces are evenly distributed over the cross-section and act through the centroid.
  • The material is homogeneous - the same throughout the member.
  • Cross-sections are perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the member.
  • Plane sections before deformation remain plane after deformation.
  • Stress and strain are linearly related and strains are small.
  • Stress is measured from the point of application and acts perpendicular to the cross-section and any deformation of the member is uniform throughout.