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Friday 22nd January, 2016

Hand Calculations as Future Records

Weather it is performing a quick check for a preliminary assessment or to confirm the output of.....

Friday 13th February, 2015

Project Management - Defining the Scope

The project scope statement should provide detail rather than an overview, rudimentary or fundamental functions rather than complex overall ones and typically should focus on....

Sunday 31st January, 2015

The 7 Steps to Problem Solving

Anytime you have a goal to achieve or simply experience a challenge, problem solving techniques can be adopted....

Monday 15th December, 2014

Problem Solving - Problems Defined

Problems defined broadly arise when an obstacle prevents us reaching an objective. That is, a problem can be thought of as...

Engineering Terms Explained

Sunday 21st June, 2015

What is Engineering Frame Theory?

Structures formed of members that are rigidly connected and designed to resist a load are known as frames, while the same members...

Sunday 21st June, 2015

What is Engineering Arch Theory?

Arches employ the principal that when weight is uniformly applied to them the forces resolve into axial compressive...

Sunday 21st June, 2015

What is Engineering Beam Theory?

The Euler-Bernoulli equation describes the relationship between the applied load and the resulting deflection of the beam and is shown mathematically...

Wednesday 27th May, 2015

What is Second Moment of Area?

Also commonly referred to as the Area Moment of Inertia, this geometric property of area distribution...