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Universal Columns

Both Columns and Universal Beams (UB) or I-beams are commonly referred to "I-Sections" or "H-Sections". Universal Columns are identified by their similar depth to width ratio which makes them ideal for use as columns and also as beams where a load bearing member is required and is limited by space, which is often the case in residential projects. The last number in the description is the weight of the column in kg per m. Universal Columns are the most widely used structural steel section.

Additional information regarding the properties of UC sections can be found Here.

StructX has proved the following free AutoCAD blocks that can be used to aid with structural drafting. Simply click on the most relevant image to download the latest drawing file. It should be noted that some browsers will require you to "right click > save link as" to save a copy.

Universal Column (UC) - AutoCAD Blocks